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HOW DOES this site works

HOW TO List your surfboard on this site

HOW TO Find out how much your board is worth

HOW TO Pick the right board

HOW TO Fix dings and patch up your board

HOW TO Remove wax from your board

HOW TO Paint your board

How does this site works

We spare you the campfire story but will tell you this... Surfboard Exchange came into being because we got sick of trawling through surf shops trying to find the right board. We knew what boards we were after...we just didn't know where they were and if there were any second hand options. Buying a board can be an exhausting process. They are not cheap. And you have to actually hold it in your hands first and see how it feels under your arm before you buy. This site aims to point you in the right direction.

Surfboard Exchange connects the buyer to the seller. You search the site looking for a specific kind of board. You find one that looks the business. You get in touch with the seller and you arrange to meet with them to check out the board and in most cases buy it off them for the price advertised. In many cases the seller will be a surf shop and they will be able to talk to you through that board in more detail. We stand in the middle of buyer and seller and are not actually involved in the buy/sell transaction. You take care of this.

We found that other online marketplace sites are getting so big that you can buy just about anything and everything on them. Surfboard Exchange is for surfers. We are all about surfboards... and getting you barreled on your new board.

We hope you get a kid in a candy store experience using this website. We love surfing (its true) and we hope we can help you sell your board or hook you up with a new one.

HOW TO List your surfboard on this site

Link to register page and links from (or below) register page to THIS PAGE... this is meant to serve as guidance or instructions on how to use our site....

To list your surfboard you will need to create an account. This will allow you to go back into your account once you have posted your ad to edit it, and let us know when your board is sold.

We will send you an email. Open the email from us and click confirm, this will take you back to your account on Surfboard Exchange.

This is where you sell your board. As a general rule, the more information you provide about the board the more chance you have of selling it. Some information is mandatory like the Size of the board and the Shaper/Label. But there is room for you to add a whole bunch more about that board too...

So include the width, thickness (check out the stringer of the board for these details) and write a bit about it. What waves do you find it surfs best in? If you Google the shaper and model of your board, often you will find a description of that board on the shapers website, copy and paste. In the description, let us know whether you are selling the board with fins and/or leash.

Upload a minimum of 3 pictures of the surfboard. We recommend one picture of

The front of the board (the deck)

The back or bottom of the board

One side on so you can see the rocker

You can even upload a video of you or a pro surfing it. If it's a big name shaper label like Al-Merrick you can Google the board model and no doubt there will be a clip somewhere of someone riding your board.

HOW TO Find out how much your board is worth

Talk to us. Send us an email with a few pictures of the board and we’ll get back to you with a dollar value.

HOW TO Pick the right board

When selecting a board start with the following;

What is my...




Beginner Surfer

As a rule of thumb, if you haven't surfed before start with a board that is:

long + wide + fat = longboard

Don't start on something too short.

Intermediate Surfer

Once you can stand up, surf across the face of a wave and duck dive you can opt for almost anything.

This should give you an idea of what board to ride on any given day.

HOW TO Fix dings and patch up your board

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HOW TO Remove wax from your board

old wax

Use a wax comb (straight edge) to scrape the wax off your board. Be careful not to press the corners of the wax comb into the board and scratch it.
note - most blocks of wax come with a wax comb (available from all surf shops)

scrape it all off

eave your board in direct sunlight for 10 minutes to melt down the remnant wax. Alternatively, use a hair dryer to melt the wax if the sun isn't hot enough.

use mineral turpentine to resolve the left over wax. Apply the turps to a rag or old dishcloth and rub it over the board in a circular motion.

starting to look new...

finished product

Coming Soon

HOW TO Paint your board

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